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Monday, January 11, 2010

Congratulations to Thomas!

My boy won the 4th grade spelling bee today! Sadly, the original date was Friday and we were snowed out. Today my van decided it needed another day off. I missed the competition due to a dead battery. He said he was nervous, so maybe it was for the best. District wide competition will be next week. I'm hoping his nerves will be under control for the big one. He told me today he was nervous until he won, then it didn't matter anymore. That's my boy!
Mama is very proud of you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Had a great visit with Marianne today and coffee is always a plus! I think over the course of the last few months, Saturday has been replaced as my favorite day of the week. Today's agenda:finish the dreaded cleaning, perusing a few blogs, few more writing tips to read up on and then...writing my heart out! Or, editing anyway, which still qualifies as 'work'. Back in a bit!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Saturday morning!

I am in writing mode today. I woke up feeling extremely well rested and was in a bubbly mood, even without my first 20 oz of heaven! Working on the second cup, kids are content with Tom and Jerry and the two Bills are still in bed. Life's good!

Today is going to be all about the edits. I got into chapter 3 last night and things started flowing more smoothly, even without the ripping and shredding of the red pen. That would be a good thing, considering Mom has the one and only red pen I could find! =)

Later taters!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I pulled the curtain back and peeked out the window. It was a moonless night; the bright flashing red and blue lights sliced through my front entry like there was no wall between them. The neighbors must be at it again. The police visited Mr. and Mrs. 'Holyfield' at least once a week, sometimes twice if it happened to be a long weekend. It just so happens to be Columbus Day; a lesser holiday, as far as holidays go, but a day to drink, nonetheless. And drink they did, apparantly.

SpinStories~what is it?

Let's play a game. I will post a few random sentences, the beginnings of a story we will collaborate to weave. There are a few rules. Well, just one, really. Must be clean. I am a mom, after all. Steamy, but not adult. Harsh, but not vulgar. Whatever floats your boat. Let's see where this takes us! Ready? Begin!
Add your continuation to the comment section and let's play!

Whoa! It said start blogging!

Man, this is some intense pressure! I don't know how people live up to the expectations of being interesting every day. I just have to say, WooHoo! I did it! Now. I am here to get busy. So if you want to visit, feel free. I can't promise that I will fulfill those every day expectations, but have a seat anyway. I'm just learning. Come along for the ride! =)